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Sales Performance - FMCG

Sales Performance – FMCG
March 15, 2019 Celia Kim

ROI: return of $1.06M per annum (21X ROI)

For a group of 50 brand, category and marketing managers

Using AI to provide retailers & FMCG/CPG companies with faster, more meaningful insights to support category, range & space decisions. Anna allowed teams to obtain a personalised understanding of their current & target customers, with the ability to deep dive across various areas – such as product/category performance (down to SKU level), store/channel preferences (e.g. location, online/offline), brand loyalty, NPD performance & customer segments.

Business Areas

  • FMCG, CPG, Retail
  • Category management
  • Range optimisation / delisting decisions
  • Promotions / promotion optimisation
  • Range & space decisions
  • Customer profiling

Hyper Anna Users

  • Category Managers / Buyers / Category Management teams
  • Brand Managers / Brand Management teams
  • Marketing, Promotion, Trade & NPD teams
  • Range, Space & Display teams
  • FMCG / CPG / Retail executives

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