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Procurement / Expense

Procurement / Expense
March 15, 2019 Celia Kim

ROI: return of $290K per annum (7X ROI)

For a group of 15 procurement managers and officers

Using AI to provide procurement managers and officers with faster, more meaningful insights to support cost reduction and compliance strategies. Anna allowed procurement team members and external stakeholders to obtain a personalised understanding of the key drivers of their cost across various areas – such as divisions, categories, suppliers and teams.

Key Areas Hyper Anna Addressed

  • VISIBILITY – Help procurement managers quickly understand spending performance of individual suppliers and benchmark suppliers, e.g. top suppliers, contract suppliers, preferred suppliers etc.
  • PROACTIVE CLIENT CONVERSATIONS – Rather than waiting for stakeholders to inform them of significant changes in spending, Anna allows procurement managers to understand their categories and proactively put in place actions to optimise & reduce cost
  • COACHING – Procurement managers are able to efficiently prepare for coaching conversations with the business on procurement practice by having access to up-to-date accurate insights about different line of business/division’s performance.

Hyper Anna Users

  • C-suites
  • Finance Director
  • Procurement Director
  • Procurement Managers
  • Procurement Officers

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