Hyper Anna - Machine Intelligence for Analytics - CB Insights - 9 Early-Stage Enterprise AI Startups To Watch

CB Insights – 9 Early-Stage Enterprise AI Startups To Watch

CB Insights – 9 Early-Stage Enterprise AI Startups To Watch
February 21, 2018 Georgia Punch

Hyper Anna named in Top 3 of CB Insights 9 Early-Stage Enterprise AI Startups To Watch:

Startups are leveraging machine learning algorithms to help players from semiconductor giants to big four accounting firms analyze, predict, and automate within today’s enterprise.

Organizations are collecting and analyzing more information than ever before — and relying on artificial intelligence to predict user behavior, develop new solutions, and automate redundant processes.

Within the growing field of artificial intelligence, enterprise AI has shown particular promise, emerging as one of the most well-funded categories. Startups in the space offer services ranging from automated data collection from unstructured sources to real-time data analysis and syntehsis.

We used the CB Insights database to surface 9 notable early-stage startups leveraging artificial intelligence to serve the enterprise. Companies were selected based on recency of funding, investor quality, and Mosaic Score — CB Insights’ algorithm that uses financial and non-financial signals to predict private company health.

All of the companies below are seed-stage or Series A startups that have raised funding since the beginning of 2017. Scroll down to read the full list, shown in descending order of disclosed funding.


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Disclosed Funding: $13.7

Select Investors: AirTree Ventures, Insurance Australia Group, Reinventure, Sequoia Capital China

Hyper Anna provides a virtual data scientist that leverages artificial intelligence to deliver on-demand insights to financial services companies. The startup’s predictive tools have been used for business development, expense management, revenue forecasting, and supply chain management, among other applications.

As a winner of Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow 2017, Hyper Anna looks to expand to Asia and the US in the near future.